Tim C

"I have been training with Clark for about a year. I am a 54 year old CEO and an avid golfer and squash player. I have worked out with many trainers and fitness instructors over the years but none who compare to Clark. I thought I was in good shape when I started with him, but in the past year I have lost 15 pounds while adding strength, quickness and flexibility. He cured my ailing lower back and helped lower my handicap by more than two strokes to less than 10. Clark is exceptional for several key reasons. This guy loves his job; he is extremely knowledgeable in the field of strength and conditioning training and is constantly studying, broadening his expertise and learning from the best in a variety of fields. His wide range of expertise and the homework he does enables Clark to design his workouts to fit the unique goals, objectives and challenges of each of his clients. Clark has a vision and strategy for each client and he is disciplined and organized about his plan to achieve the desired results. He believes in promoting overall health and fitness targeted towards people who think of themselves as “athletes” and consistently follows up our training sessions with valuable information regarding overall health, fitness and diet. Clark has a fantastic energy level and every workout is upbeat and fun. If you want to get fit, be a better athlete, understand your body and have some fun, train with Clark."

Chuck S

When I began working with Clark I could not run because I got severe cramping in my calves; I could not swim or lift any weight over my head or do proper push ups because of pain in the rotator cuff area. After just 4 sessions I was running. After 10 sessions I was running up to 10 miles faster and more easily than previously. This summer I swam for 10 minutes straight without pain, can lift light weights over my head and do a modified push up without pain. We continue to work on my shoulder and I have faith I will once again have full use of my shoulder. I wore orthotics for 50 years and three weeks ago was able to stop wearing them. Clark is helping me reshape my body to recover from 63 years of tightness in the hips and shoulder area. This has improved my posture and gate. I used to do 100 crunches a day and still did not have real strength in my abs, as I found out when I started to do Clark's ab work outs. I now spend less time on my work outs with more satisfying and better outcomes. I am a 63 year old man and now stronger than I was 20 years ago. Clark has worked wonders for me.

Deb B

I am a female, senior manager, 50+ y.o. that spends most of my day sitting at a computer or attending meetings. I work out regularly, twice a week with Clark Evans for the past 3 years. Thanks to Clark’s depth of knowledge in strength training and dedication to improving people’s physical conditions and limitations, I have avoided an almost certain knee replacement surgery. Due to an old injury in high school, my knee has developed an osteoarthritis condition, over the years becoming more painful with routine activities and moderate exercise. The orthopedic surgeon said that a knee replacement surgery was sure to be needed sometime in the future. I brought this to the attention of Clark and he quickly jumped into action. He first evaluated my entire skeletal structure and determined my weakest points which were the underlying cause of the inflammation in my knee. Next, he designed an exercise program to specifically build strength in the muscles and soft tissue that have been weakened through years of compensating for my injury. After a few short weeks, I noticed a significant reduction in the pain and inflammation inside my knee joint. As I continued to build strength, Clark created a customized program that would continue to address my knee issue as well as build overall body strength. He would include in my routine conventional exercises that he modified to avoid any new stress on my knee that may result in aggravating my condition. Today, thanks to Clark, I am pain free and with continued exercising under Clark’s guidance, I am confident that knee surgery will not be needed any time soon. I am truly indebted to Clark’s devotion and commitment to bringing the best possible strength training program to meet the needs of each of his clients.

Dale O

I have been training with Clark for over two years now. I am 53 years old—and he has helped me get into the best shape of my life. Clark is also helping my 15 year old son get in the proper shape for his high school tennis team, and he always designs programs that make training fun for my son—he always looks forward to his sessions with Clark. Clark is a student of the human body, and fully understands how different parts of the body need to properly interact with each other in order for any training program to be successful. He is always looking for new approaches and methods based upon the latest medical findings and physical training technologies. He develops specific training programs to fit the needs of each individual client—as opposed to taking a “one size fits all” approach—which most others in this field do. His passion and interest in continuous learning, self-improvement and finding and using the correct training approach based on your specific needs is very unique. He also figures out ways to address, treat and fix specific physical issues you may have (i.e.-knee or back problems) in your training program. He is a big believer in moving things forward and “stepping things up” so that your physical improvement through training doesn’t stall out. I would highly recommend Clark as a trainer—his passion and approach to training are top notch—and he continues to make sure that he is at the top of his game and one of the most knowledgeable trainers in his field—so that you can be at the top of your game physically.

Kathleen M

"I think the word that best describes Clark is “adaptive”. Throughout the 3.5 years I have been training with him he has stayed ahead of the “fitness and exercise curve” through his constant personal and professional development as a trainer. He is well read and follows the advice and guidance of some of the most well respected people in the business. His voracious appetite for the best information available in the realm of fitness, trickles down to his clients, as they not only become fitter, stronger and less prone to injuries, but through an educational process of sorts, that make his clients smarter about health, exercise and general well being. Clark is a good listener, he communicates well, he’s flexible and he is very dedicated to his clients. On training days he will always ask “how are you feeling today?”, and adapt your training routine to the sore hamstrings, elbows, ankles or lower back pain you may be feeling. More often than not, you will feel better after a session with Clark. This may be due to the disciplined soft tissue work, dynamic and static stretching and finely tuned “warm up” regimen of which Clark is “famous” for among his clientele. I can be seen prior to playing tennis, rolling out sore muscles and stretching out my hip flexors and rotators, as part of the strict warm up process instilled in me by Clark. My decision to work with a private fitness coach initially stemmed from my desire to avoid sports related injuries. I needed to achieve stabilization in my body and protect my joints through a professionally designed weight training regimen. Clark has invested a lot of time diagnosing the weaknesses in my body and working with me to achieve my goals of not only feeling stronger, more stable and confident, but of looking leaner and more fit too. My desire to train with a professional has evolved into an important part of my overall health strategy. Clark’s style as a strength and coach is best suited to the client who is seriously committed to fitness and health and those with the open mindedness to embrace the most cutting edge exercise concepts and philosophies. Oh... and you’ll feel better about the way you look too!"